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Are you looking for new and real followers on Instagram, but don’t know where to start? No other company offers the possibility to attract actual human followers on Instagram like we do. All services listed on this website are geared towards attracting organic users that will read, respond and engage with your Social Platforms. You will receive loyal users who will share your Instagram posts, like them and leave comments. Contact us to learn more about all the possibilities and services we offer to expand your Instagram for your personal or business accounts!

  • "Premium Social Marketing brought my real-estate Instagram profile to the very top. I almost didn't believe the results I was receiving after just a month of using them. I now have people contacting me through Instagram to ask me to show them the new apartment for sale and it's a great feeling to see that you're actually getting noticed!"

    Michael Bail PSM Customer
  • "It was great working with these guys. They helped me grow the Instagram I've set up for my business and make my products more visible! I will definitely continue working with PSM team. Can't wait to see what results they'll bring me in the future."

    Isabelle Rochester PSM Customer
  • "Great company and their customer service is unbelievable. The most important thing for me was that I knew that I could always get into contact with a customer service agent!"

    David Holfster PSM Customer
  • "The Instagram service was great! I started off by getting 20 followers daily and after a month was receiving over 70! Looking forward to working with them."

    Aurthar Ashe PSM Customer

Over 25,000 Paying Customers

Our Secret

Providing customers with exceptional customer service that is personalized to them. You will never speak to an automated machine, only to live customer representatives.

Direct Contact

We make sure that you have the ability to contact us with any questions or issues on the go. We offer live chat support, 24/7 e-mail support, text & phone support.


We go out of our way to make sure that you’re satisfied with the services provided & our company is built around customers just like you.


You want your Instagram account to be noticed, that’s why we offer a premium social marketing solution to stand out from the crowd. We help you find your audience and the specific group of Instagram users that are interested in your products, services and messages. Our experienced staff will create a custom solution for your Instagram account so you will attract the audience that fits within your personal or business strategy.


With 24/7 round the clock service, your account will be continuously growing in the upward direction. No one else in this industry offers such services as we do. Don’t believe us? Try us out now and receive free 3 Day Trial Period Service.


Not all Instagram users are alike. We match the appropriate Instagram users to your account based on location, interests and personal preference. Success on Instagram is more than numbers, the value of each follower will help you expand your brand and account. Our unique methodology creates a user base that will continue to grow long after our services have been completed.


Leading Global Customer Support

Rest at ease that if you have a question or need help wth your service, real people are here to help you with anything 24/7. Everyone on our Customer Support team is an experienced Premium Social Marketing user.

Interact with People

Interact with People

We make sure actual human users will visit your Instagram account and interact by following, liking, sharing and commenting on your posts. Actual human Instagram users will follow your account and will stay engaged with your content, now and in the future.

Grow You Account

Grow You Account

We offer tailored solutions to grow your user base. Within hours after your purchase you will notice an increase in users which will continue in an organic and ongoing manner. You Instagram account will expand in a natural way without any effort on your part.

Find Shared Interests

Find Shared Interests

It is important to attract users that share the interests and values of your Instagram account, whether it concerns your business, your product of yourself. Build long-lasting relationships with like minded followers that will help you expand your account and reach your goals.



By choosing a specific region you can target the intended audience. Select a country, region or city where you want to find your followers. This makes it possible to create targeted campaigns for local businesses and filter out unwanted users. Find the right group of users wherever they are on this planet.

Tailor Made Solution

Tailor Made Solution

We only offer personalized services that are specifically catered to your requirements. We help you find the audience that is valuable to you, regardless of their location and what your goals are. If you can’t decide the correct strategy or target audience our team of experts is on hand to assist you and provide you with information at every step you need.



We take safety very seriously. Your Instagram account will be handled with the utmost care so you can rest assured that you will receive a professional level of service with regards to the safety of your account, your brand and yourself. Read more about our safety policy in our Terms and Conditions.

Money back Guarantee

Money back Guarantee

We offer refunds if for some reason we’re unable to provide you with the service we have advertised, but that never happens, since we always deliver what we promise!

24/7 Customer Service

24/7 Customer Service

Rest at ease that if you have a question or need help wth your service, real people are here to help you with anything 24/7. Everyone on our Customer Support team is an experienced Premium Social Marketing user.

There's More

There's More

The results of our services will reach further than you can imagine. By expanding your audience you can also come in contact with other entrepreneurs, find new business relations and increase your business exponentially. Your Instagram or Twitter account will increase in value and attract new opportunities far beyond the scope of our services. In other words, we offer services that have limitless results!

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